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MISTEL offers tailored test design

As an innovator, you can turn to MISTEL at any time during the innovation process. Depending on where in the process the innovation is,  MISTEL offers various methods, such as eg focus groups and workshops, and tests that can be performed in real homes and care environments. These methods are associated with a cost for the innovator.
We have worked out a legal guide with accompanying agreements. Relevant agreements are signed for each service and method.
The following describes in more detail what MISTEL offers.

Initial meeting

MISTEL always offers the innovator an initial meeting.
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Planning meeting

The planning meeting is a result of the initial meeting, at which MISTEL and the innovator agreed on continued co-operation.
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Focus group

MISTEL brings together relevant representatives of the future users as a temporary group.
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MISTEL brings together a group to consider a focused theme. The group has a limited number of participants and its purpose is to actively discuss a specific question.
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MISTEL sources interviewees in the relevant target group.
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The survey is a written questionnaire sent out to a large number of people. MISTEL sources relevant participants to answer the survey.
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One of MISTEL’s strengths is that it enables the innovations to be tested in real-life environments.
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MISTEL will offer innovators seminars in relevant areas.
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MISTEL’s tips

MISTEL also has a role as a broker. MISTEL seeks to give innovators the support they need from those who are best able to provide it. MISTEL is therefore part of the innovation support system, rather than doubling up on existing structures. MISTEL directs innovators to whichever of our partners possesses the required expertise.
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