One of MISTEL’s strengths is that it enables the innovations to be tested in real-life environments.

MISTEL offers access to various test environments:
Regular housing, sheltered housing and a test apartment.

Testing in regular housing can be conducted in the homes of private individuals who have registered an interest in taking part, but also in the homes of people who receive home-care. Sheltered housing refers to residential homes, serviced housing, care homes for dementia sufferers and care homes for people with disabilities.

MISTEL also has a test apartment that facilitates testing in a home environment but under controlled conditions. The test apartment is used if an innovation is bulky, there is only one example or if it is in some other way unsuitable for testing in a person’s home.

The tests may be conducted either by private individuals in the target group, or by staff at a retirement home or in a home-care team.

MISTEL charge during the test period for everything from planning and contact with test subjects and test environments to evaluation and summary.
The innovator receives the results of the test in a report from MISTEL.

Visar inredning i MISTELs lägenhet.
Living room in MISTEL’s test apartment.