Innovation process


MISTEL is unique in that it offers innovators a range of services throughout the innovation process, not least the opportunity for new products and methods to be tested in real environments by the appropriate target group. As an innovator, you can therefore turn to MISTEL at any point in the process to make use of the services on offer.

1. Idea

How can an idea be turned into a need-specific innovation? The earlier the target group gets involved, the better it is for the innovation. With the help of a focus group of representatives from the target group and contact with financiers and researchers, for example, an idea can be taken to the next phase.

2. Concept

Will the innovation make a difference? What does it offer? Here, MISTEL can set up focus groups and workshops with representatives from the target group. MISTEL also offers training in areas such as municipally funded health and personal care, procurement and legal issues.

3. Development

Now comes the really interesting bit. How does the innovation work in practice? In a real-life test environment with test subjects from the target group, you can see whether your innovation successfully meets the intended need. MISTEL offers test environments in both sheltered and regular homes.

4. Commercialisation

How can the innovation be promoted so that it reaches users and achieves commercial success? An invention isn’t an innovation until it’s known and used.

During the first three phases of the innovation process, which always involve the target group, MISTEL provides conditions for raising awareness of the innovation and making it commercially viable. In addition to this, our partners are able to help you break into the market.