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Elisabeth Kjellin

Project manager

I have spent many years as a physiotherapist in municipal elderly care, including in the City of Västerås. As a physiotherapist, one of my goals has been to create conditions for the increased independence and well-being of elderly and disabled people. MISTEL gives me an opportunity to continue on this front, which I find extremely exciting and stimulating. Along with physiotherapy, I also have training and professional experience in logistics.

Karin Hedberg

Project manager

I am a market economist and have worked in the publishing industry as a marketing manager for many years. I have been employed as a project manager in the City of Västerås since December 2012. Through MISTEL, I have an opportunity to meet many different people in a variety of situations. I have a passion for establishing co-operation and good relationships. Spotting opportunities for change and being involved in developing new solutions for elderly and disabled people makes going to work every day a pleasure.

Johnny Holmberg

Project manager

For about 10 years, as a project manager, I have had the privilege of working on contributing to the development of technology or working methods for older people and people with disabilities. I am a trained occupational therapist with further education in leadership and project management, and I am also an educated innovation advisor. Being part of an innovative context and providing support to innovators to come up with their solutions for our target groups, I see as very rewarding, and is one of MISTEL’s great advantages. Together we enable improvements for the future!