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Caroline Pros

Project manager

Since the autumn of 2021, I work as a project manager in the City of Västerås and am a part of MISTEL. A very exciting assignment where I take with me my experiences as an occupational therapist in the municipal activities. MISTEL gives me the opportunity to be involved and contribute to the community care services of the future where innovations created together with the intended user are an important part. I feel joy in my work when I see that the work we do together will lead to improvements for the citizen, both now and in the future!


Karin Hedberg

Project manager

I am a market economist and have worked in the publishing industry as a marketing manager for many years. I have been employed as a project manager in the City of Västerås since December 2012. Through MISTEL, I have an opportunity to meet many different people in a variety of situations. I have a passion for establishing co-operation and good relationships. Spotting opportunities for change and being involved in developing new solutions for elderly and disabled people makes going to work every day a pleasure.