In collaboration with VINNOVA, the City of Västerås has established MISTEL, a testbed for innovations in elderly care.

The testbed is an arena for meetings between innovators and future users of their innovations. The three-year project was launched in September 2013. In March 2017 MISTEL went from project to a business within the City of Västerås.


MISTEL will be an easily accessible and functional centre of excellence that builds on networks and co-operation in order to develop vital innovations for elderly and disabled people. MISTEL’s concept will achieve success both nationally and internationally.

Kvinna i rullstol som åker nedför en rullstolsramp.
Kvinnlig personal på servicehuset pratar med en äldre kvinna som bor där.


The goal is for MISTEL to help in the development of tomorrow’s elderly care through new innovations. MISTEL will also help to create an innovation friendly climate that brings increased growth to the region.

MISTEL offers innovators a range of services, depending on the innovation and where it is in the development process, with testing by end-users as a core element. The tests take place almost entirely in real environments, that is, in the homes of elderly and disabled people and in sheltered housing. MISTEL also offers the innovators a special test apartment.

The testbed is open to all types of innovations – products, services, methods and means of organisation. In addition to innovations in elderly care, MISTEL is also open to innovations for elderly and disabled people who are not dependent on health and personal care.

MISTEL is run with a large network of partners, ranging from companies that are focused on development, business support organisations and universities to care providers and organisations for the retired.

MISTEL is a Swedish acronym for “Meeting place for Innovation in Co-operation – Testbed for Quality of Life”.


Elisabeth Kjellin

Project manager

I have spent many years as a physiotherapist in municipal elderly care, including in the City of Västerås. As a physiotherapist, one of my goals has been to create conditions for the increased independence and well-being of elderly and disabled people. MISTEL gives me an opportunity to continue on this front, which I find extremely exciting and stimulating. Along with physiotherapy, I also have training and professional experience in logistics.

Karin Hedberg

Project manager

I am a market economist and have worked in the publishing industry as a marketing manager for many years. I have been employed as a project manager in the City of Västerås since December 2012. Through MISTEL, I have an opportunity to meet many different people in a variety of situations. I have a passion for establishing co-operation and good relationships. Spotting opportunities for change and being involved in developing new solutions for elderly and disabled people makes going to work every day a pleasure.