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A brief description of MISTEL

MISTEL is a test bed run by the City of Västerås. MISTEL has been established as a centre of excellence for innovations that contribute to the independence and well-being of the elderly and people with disabilities, and also innovations that contribute to the municipally funded health and personal care services. MISTEL makes it possible to develop these innovations for commercial success in a faster and more organised way by:

  • Offering services throughout the entire innovation process
  • Involving end-users
  • Offering testing of products in real-life situations
  • Having co-operation partners


MISTEL, a Swedish acronym for “Meeting place for Innovation in Co-operation – Testbed for Quality of Life”, started in September 2013 as a VINNOVA-funded project run by the City of Västerås. From March 2017 MISTEL is a business within the City of Västerås.